As a registered CASC a club can benefit from 80% mandatory rate relief, Gift Aid on qualifying donations from individuals and companies as well as Gift Aid Small donations payments on small cash donations from individuals.

Many clubs have to pay business rates to their Local Authority (LA), for example, if they own land or buildings. CASCs benefit from an 80% reduction in their business rates as a benefit of qualification. LA's do give some clubs discretionary rate relief of varying percentages, but it is becoming more common that this is being withdrawn.

CASCs can also benefit from Corporation Tax Reliefs:

  1. Exemption from Corporation Tax on UK trading profits if the turnover from that trade is less than £50,000 per year (increased from £30,000 per year from 1st April 2015).
  2. Exemption from Corporation Tax on UK property income if the total income from property is less than £30,000 per year (increased from £20,000 per year from 1st April 2015).
  3. Full exemption from Corporation Tax on interest received and on chargeable gains.



In order to be eligible for Corporation Tax reliefs your CASC must use all of its income and gains to promote participation and provide facilities for your eligible sport.

Please also see the Q & A - Benefits section on the benefits of CASC status.