News – Winter 2014-15

CASC guidance due April 2015

HMRC plan to publish the final guidance reflecting the new CASC rules at the beginning of April 2015. This is pleasing news as HMRC have adhered to their timetable. When this happens all existing CASCs will be written to and asked to check that they meet the new rules. In some circumstances CASCs may have to make some changes in order to continue to be a CASC and will have to do this within one year. It is expected many CASCs will not have to make any changes but every club should check nonetheless. Clubs considering CASC registration for the first time will register under the new rules after 1st April 2015.

Changes to Authorised Officials

Existing CASCs should check that HMRC have been updated with any change to the Authorised Official or Responsible Persons at the club. It is important to keep HMRC up to date with any change in personnel particularly as HMRC will be sending out letters to clubs in the near future with details of what they must do to check they meet the new CASC rules. HMRC can be contacted on 0300 123 1073.

Gift Aid Donor Benefits

HMRC are looking into the rules that govern the benefits that donors can receive when giving money to CASCs. If you have any comments please  contact us.

Value of the CASC scheme

The number of clubs registered as CASCs by HMRC has risen to 6,654 as at the end of December 2014. These sports clubs have claimed an estimated cumulative minimum cash benefit of £181.2million (Source: - Monthly analysis of CASC registrations) since the scheme began. This demonstrates the huge financial contribution the CASC scheme injects in community sport.

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