Q & A – Benefits

What can we do if we have high levels of non-member income - can we avoid corporation tax?

Yes - you can avoid corporation tax and stay in the scheme if you set up a trading subsidiary to take on the activities with non-members which then donates the profits tax free to the CASC.

How can we maximise the cash benefits our CASC receives?

By using the Gift Aid scheme and the Gift Aid Small Donations scheme to receive an extra 25p in the £1 from the Government on gifts to the club. Repayments under either are not available on membership subscriptions. Other conditions apply.

Is a CASC allowed to pay players?

Yes - the CASC can pay any number players to play up to a total limit per CASC of £10,000 per year (including the cost of any benefits).

Can companies who donate cash to the club benefit?

Yes -  they can offset their donation against their taxable profits but the CASC does not receive a tax rebate.

Can individuals who make a gift to a CASC in their will save tax?

Yes - individuals who make a gift in their will do not have to pay inheritance tax on that gift.

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