There are 6,654 clubs registered as Community Amateur Sports Clubs who have benefitted from at least £181.2 million in savings since the scheme began! The benefits of registration include mandatory business rate relief, Gift Aid on donations and certain corporation tax benefits. If you would like to keep up to date with CASC scheme developments please contact us and request our newsletter.

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** IMPORTANT NEWS JUNE 2015 ** If your club was registered as a CASC before 1st April 2015, HMRC will be writing to your club in due course. As of 1st April 2015 the CASC rules changed and existing CASCs will have until 1st April 2016 to check they meet these new rules. Please see our short general guide to point your existing CASC in the right direction in assessing whether it meets the new rules.

The Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) scheme was introduced in 2002 as an option for sports clubs to register with HMRC to receive 'charity type' tax reliefs provided the club meets certain qualifying conditions. The scheme generally requires less regulation than if a sports club registers as a charity.

CASC registration may not be suitable for all clubs and care should be taken when deciding whether or not to register. There is also the option of registering as a charity. Please see the CASC versus charity comparison. Clubs should also consider the legal status of their club.

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